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可撓式塑膠基板 ; 有機白光發光二極體(WOLED) ; 可撓式有機紅光發光二極體 ; 可撓式有機藍光發光二極體 ; 摻雜濃度比例



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16卷4期(2004 / 04 / 01)

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6 - 11

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This report studied to fabricate white organic light emitting diodes on flexible substrates. The first study is doping Red dopants DCJT in the host emitter layer Alq3 to fabricate flexible red organic light emitting diodes, and the doping characteristics of flexible organic light emitting diode was studied, the device structure was ITO/TPD/DCJT: Alq3/LiF/Al. The result of the study discover that the most heavily doped concentration can achieve the red shift of the device, but the brightness of the device become weaker. In this report, another study fabricated blue organic light emitting diodes, the device structure was ITO/TPD/ADS082/Alq3/LiF/Al. Use this blue organic light emitting diodes as base structure, and the red dopants doped in different organic layers, electron-transporting layer, blue host-emitting layer, respectively, The competititive emission between blue and red emitters was studied with various doped zones. When the DCJT doped zone was located far away from the hole-injection layer, both the blue and red color can be emitted. An appropriate doping location and partially greenish from AlQ3 are expected to afford a white light. Finally, a white emission with the CIE value, (0.30,0.32), independent of the applied voltage, was obtained with the optimum doped width and location.

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