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嚴國基(Kuo-Chi Yen);陳惠國(Huey-Kuo Chen)

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道路定價問題 ; 雙層規劃問題 ; 依時性用路人路徑選擇最佳化問題 ; Road pricing problem ; Bi-level planning problem ; Time-dependent user-optimal route choice problem



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46卷4期(2017 / 12 / 30)

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343 - 375

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Rapid growth in private vehicle ownership has led to congestion and inadequate service on freeways. The authorities should promote the road pricing strategy in a systematic view that accurately reflects the cost of using the freeway during peak hours is required. The pricing strategy must achieve the "alternative effect" which includes departure time replacement, path substitute and modes alternative. This study formulate the time-dependent bi-level model for road pricing on freeways which integrates time dimension, route choice and mode choice factors. The upper level objective of the model is to minimize the total network costs. The objective of the lower level is to apply the time-dependent user-optimal mode choice/departure time/route choice model with side-constraints to analyze the behavior of the travelers under optimal toll rates. The users will be affecting by efficiency road pricing and changing the behavior. The results can be used as reference in establishing public policies that facilitate effective toll rates.

Topic Category 工程學 > 交通運輸工程
社會科學 > 管理學
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