A Short Review on Natural Flax Fiber Composites


T. Gobi Kannan;K.B. Cheng

Key Words

Mechanical properties ; surface treatments ; thermal properties ; injection moulding



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23卷3期(2013 / 07 / 01)

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9 - 17

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English Abstract

Natural flax fiber reinforced composites (NFFC) have received extra attention in last few decades due to their superior mechanical properties, environmental friendliness, high specific strength, non-abrasive and economical advantages. The mechanical properties of the NFFC are mainly decided by the interfacial adhesion between the fiber and matrix. Surface treatment and coupling agent are used to improve the interfacial adhesion of composites. Compression and injection molding are very prominent technique for NFFC production. NFFC are one of the promising candidates in material field that offer the application to the various sectors including automotive industry and construction sector etc. This present study will discuss the flax fiber composition and its properties, fiber treatment, matrix, preform type, manufacturing techniques, and influencing factors or variable on the mechanical properties of flax fiber composites.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 基礎與應用科學綜合
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