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Design and Implementation of RUA Protocol




楊適聰(Shin-Tsung Yang);林一平(Yi-Bing Lin);顏在賢(Chai-Hien Gan)

Key Words

超微型蜂巢式網路 ; RUA通訊協定 ; 家用無線基地台 ; Femtocell ; RANAP User Adpatation ; RUA ; Home Node B ; HNB



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130期(2009 / 12 / 25)

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28 - 37

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Chinese Abstract

Femtocell被視為延伸行動通訊網路覆蓋範圍、提昇系統容量的方法。3GPP制定整合家用無線基地台(Home Node B)與戶外無線基地台(Node B)的Femtocell網路架構。本文敘述Femtocell網路架構和相關的Iuh介面通訊協定(如:RANAP,SCTP等)。在Femtocell網路架構中,RANAP User Adpatation(RUA)提供一個負擔較小的機制來傳輸家用無線基地台與家用無線基地台閘道(HNB-Gateway)之間的控制功能與RANAP訊息。我們並說明RUA如何與其他通訊協定互動。本研究介紹在Femtocell/HNB專案中採用訊息佇列設計與實作的RUA通訊協定。我們設計的RUA經由訊息佇列與一致性的基本流程模型(unified primitive flow model)可以在不同的系統與平台上運作。

English Abstract

Femtocell is proposed to extend the mobile network coverage in environments such as large tall buildings and to enhance the system capacity. 3GPP has proposed Femtocell Network Architecture (FNA) to integrate Home Node B (HNB) and Node B. In this paper, we describe 3GPP FNA and its related Iuh interface protocols (e.g., RANAP, SCTP, etc.). Specifically, we will focus on RANAP User Adaptation (RUA) in FNA, which is a lightweight mechanism to transport RANAP messages and control functions between HNBs and HNB-Gateways. We also illustrate how RUA interworks with other FNA protocols. This study describes our design and implementation of RUA protocol in a Femtocell/HNB project through Message Queuing (MQ) method. Based on our design, the RUA protocol can work on different operating systems and platforms by the MQ method and the unified primitives.

Topic Category 工程學 > 電機工程
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