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Social Media Analytics: The Effects of Endorsers and Advertising Appeals on Customer Engagement




劉秀雯(Hsiu-Wen Liu);林育理(Yu-Li Lin);吳芳軒(Fang-Hsuan Wu)

Key Words

品牌社群 ; 顧客參與 ; 代言人類型 ; 廣告訴求 ; Brand Community ; Customer Engagement ; Endorser Type ; Advertising Appeals



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36卷3期(2017 / 07 / 01)

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69 - 84

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Chinese Abstract

社群媒體的發展使企業可直接與顧客在社群媒體上進行互動,因此業者更加關心品牌的訊息能否引起顧客在社群媒體上的參與行為。在此動機下,本研究乃針對台灣美妝品牌粉絲專頁中產品介紹之廣告訊息進行分析,探討不同類型代言人(名人、專家、KOL/部落客、素人)、以及不同的廣告訴求(理性、感性)對於顧客參與行為之影響。本研究根據台灣地區美妝產業之粉絲專頁粉絲人數排序,從歐洲、美國、日本、韓國以及台灣的品牌來源國中,各選出2個美妝品牌 的粉絲專頁為研究對象,總共蒐集1,230則貼文。研究結果顯示:(1)不同的代言人類型確實影響粉絲專頁顧客參與行為,其中以名人代言人效果較佳。(2)代言人類型對於理性、感性訴求對顧客參與行為存在干擾效果。

English Abstract

Managers are concerned about their ability to foster customer engagement on social media. This concern motivated us to examine the combinations of message content that induce customer engagement on Facebook pages. Messages in product introduction posts were analyzed to explore the effects of different types of endorsers (e.g., celebrities, experts, key opinion leaders, bloggers, and ordinary persons) and advertising appeal (e.g., rational and emotional appeal) on customer engagement. We also investigated whether the effects of advertising appeal are moderated by different types of endorsers. On the basis of the number of fans that follow their Facebook pages, ten cosmetics brands available in Taiwan were selected for analysis. Media content regarding product introductions were selected as the target sample, and 1,230 message posts were collected for analysis. Our results suggest that marketers should tailor their messages according to different endorser categories.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 經濟學
社會科學 > 管理學
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