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Crossed Aphasia: Case Report


張春琴(Choon-Khim Chong);黃美涓(May-Kuen Wong);吳咨杏(Jorie Wu)

Key Words

crossed aphasia ; fluent jargon aphasia ; cerebral infarction



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15期(1987 / 12 / 01)

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91 - 96

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Chinese Abstract


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Crossed aphasia is defined as the combination of left hcmiplegia (-paresis) and aphasia in a right-handed patient. The incidence of such cases is very low, reported as 0.4%-3.75% in all aphasics. Henderson (1983) reviewed that for the crossed aphasics, the correlation between fluency and infaret localization was similar to that of right-handed aphasics with left hemisphere lesion. A fluent jargon aphasia following a right cerebral infraction developed in a 52-year-old right-handed Chinese woman. She was a case of myxoma in left atrium with sudden onset of cerebral infarction. Computed tomographic scan showed a large infarction in right basal ganglion, temporal and fronto-parietal area. She had complete left hemiplegia and global aphasia. Her speech pattern became fluent jargon later on, and just correlated to the area of brain damage as the classic aphasic patient with left hemisphere lesion. Consideration of this case, and a review of the literature on this problem, will provoke more attention and study in crossed aphasia of Chinese population.

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