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The Relationship between Quality of Working Life and Service Attitude of Flight Attendants




吳武忠(Wu-Chung Wu);任靜嫻(Jing-Shyen Ren)

Key Words

空服員 ; 工作生活品質 ; 服務態度 ; flight attendant ; quality of working life ; service attitude



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10卷2期(2004 / 05 / 01)

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55 - 68

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

The purpose of this study is to explore flight attendants' perception of quality of working life and service attitude and search the relationship between them. Subjects were drawn from China airline and Eva airway. For the pretest, 120 valid questionnaires were collected and established the validity and reliability. For the normal test, 514 valid questionnaires were collected and the valid percentage was 57.1%. Conclusions are as follows: flight attendants' perception of quality of working life is close to normal「M=2.81」; flight attendants' service attitude is good 「M=4.01」; there is significantly correlation between quality of working life and service attitude; 「Salaries and developments」「, work characteristics」 and 「company institutions」 are three dimensions of quality of working life that can express flight attendants' service attitude and predicted with 13.64% efficiency. It's helpful for flight attendants to improve service attitude if airline can promte these three dimensions.

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
社會科學 > 體育學
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