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Protection Effect under Short Life Time Cycle




耿筠(Yun Ken);高芳真(Fang-Chen Kao)

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專利 ; 智慧財產權 ; 技術生命週期 ; 專利申請 ; 數位相機 ; Patent ; Intellectual Property Right ; Technology Life Cycle ; Patent Filing ; Digital Camera



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12卷3期(2007 / 09 / 01)

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131 - 155

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Undoubtedly, patent enforcement is a strategic weapon to increase competitiveness for enterprises in past years. Patent filing seems a typical rule for most of knowledge-based Industries, only few of empirical studies challenge this discipline. This paper offers a strong evidence to show the uselessness of patent, at some special status, by patent filing history and testimony of witnesses. The exclusive rights of patent protect inventors and it assignees, then reveal the prelude of Knowledge-based economy. Some patent holders benefit greatly by arguing their rights, and then invest more resources into invention activities. For those enterprises who struggle against patent suite, inventing something and filing them as patents are inevitable policies. Each side can't loss their efficiency, so technology innovation speeds up. For a certain circumstance, super efficiency of invention hurts the protection of patent, so we concluded.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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