The Clinical Efficacy of A Probiotic Miswak Oral Spray in Patients with Gingivitis


Sherine Nasry;Hanaa Elgamily;Ibrahim El-Refai;Nayra Mehanna

Key Words

Miswak ; oral spray ; probiotic ; gingivitis


Journal of International Dental and Medical Research

Volume or Term/Year and Month of Publication

11卷2期(2018 / 07 / 01)

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433 - 440

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Chinese Abstract

Aim: to compare the use of Miswak probiotic spray against using each individually in gingivitis patients. Methods and Results: A total of 80 patients with chronic gingivitis were randomly divided into four groups. Group A received an oral spray bottle containing a mixture of Miswak and probiotic, group B received a Miswak spray bottle, group C a probiotic spray bottle and group D a placebo spray bottle. All Patients were instructed to administer 12 puffs of the spray, two puffs per sextant, one on the vestibular side and one on the oral side of the tooth surfaces, twice daily and then swallow. Plaque index (PI), gingival index (GI), and Stain index (SI) were assessed at baseline, after 3 days, one week and two weeks. The Group A showed the highest mean percentage of change in PI, GI and SI with the least change for group D. No intergroup statistical significant difference was found at all time intervals. Conclusion: Combining Miswak and probiotic was more efficient in reducing plaque and gingivitis then using each component individually, however this reduction was not statistically significant.

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