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Chinese Medicine Is Philosophy, Not Science


楊中傑(Zhongjie Yang)

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哲學 ; 科學 ; 陰陽五行 ; 經絡 ; 氣 ; 生命能量 ; 心理學 ; Philosophy ; science ; yin and yang, five elements ; meridian acupoint ; Qi ; vitality energy ; psychology



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22卷1期(2021 / 03 / 01)

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9 - 22

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The scientific theory of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is controversial for centuries. This article evaluates the relations inside: TCM was originated from/with Chinese classical philosophy and carried forward passing on to all kinds of Chinese medical codes and ancient books of Taoists and Buddhists. Upon investigation, its core theories "yin yang, five elements, meridian acupoints, Qi", and all kinds of therapies and traditional medicines, are natural, non-invention, nor creation and direct application on the basic philosophy with no antecedents, and all are through discovery manifested by themselves. On the other hand, science is the inference and calculation extended from its basic philosophy, which can be invented and created continuously causally and subtly. Does it imply that philosophy is the mother of science? and TCM has few divisions while science divisions (such as western medicine) are huge. Science focuses on the interpretation of the substance of the physical world; however, the TCM "integrated form and spirit" and "meridian and Qi" have been elaborating deeply into the play of the spiritual level in the invisible world, which is not only highly esteemed by the western masters of psychotherapy but also may clarify the myth of natural science in favor of materialism that cannot be separated from the spirit and not reach the law of complete repetition either. The scientific definition of TCM as "non-science" is correct. Since all methods of TCM from diagnosis to cure are philosophical conceptualized terms; should TCM be indeed defined as "philosophy", or "medical philosophy" instead of science? Especially, TCM can get through to science without hindrance if the core philosophical term "Qi" of TCM were scientized redefined as "vitality energy".

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