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Formation of a Village's origin and Yamabushi




永井隆之(Nagai Ryuji)

Key Words

村落 ; 由緒 ; 山伏 ; 佛像 ; 開帳 ; village ; origin ; Yamabushi (Buddhist monk) ; statue of Buddha ; exhibition (of Buddhist images)



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31期(2016 / 06 / 01)

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155 - 178

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English Abstract

Modern era can be deemed as a period which puts emphasis on "the origins", the origins of the groups playing the fundamental role of a certain regional community, like a village. Previous literature points out that, urgent reasons such as attempting to solve problems in villages turn out to be the main factors of the formation of a village's origin. This research also agrees this argumentation with no dissent, but proposes that apart from direct and immediate casual and continuing causes, for causes, instance, mutual interaction considering other residents' thoughts and constant involvement of various social are also essential and groups, worth to discuss regarding a village's origin. This research is going to focus on discussing a particular example passed down by the book recording its history at Sumiyoshi town (the former Togashi village in Ishigawa District, Kaga no Kuni) in Kanazawa City, Ishigawa County. In concrete, a Yamabushi (an itinerary Buddhist monk) exhibited his private statues of Buddha to the neighborhood in public, and it turned out to be a new historic story of the village's origin.

Topic Category 人文學 > 語言學
人文學 > 外國文學
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