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Empirical Study DMAIC Integrated with ORM to Explore Risk of Occupational Accident




鄭榮郎(J. L. Cheng)

Key Words

職業災害 ; 六標準差 ; 作業風險管理 ; Occupational accident ; Six sigma ; Operation risk management ; TRIZ



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11卷2期(2014 / 09 / 01)

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101 - 112

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The purposes of this paper are to study on a wiring branch of a maintenance team in Taiwan Power Company. The research framework is integrating DMAIC approach with operation risk management (ORM) to find out the risk factors and to control these factors by comparing ORM and TRIZ techniques. Research framework process implemented in accordance with DMAIC process. First, defining and assessing: to assess risk categories and risk factors by using cause and effect diagram which includes 22 risk factors. Second, analyzing step is by using MOL and TRIZ techniques, to identify six items which must be control. Finally, the conclusions are to propose management approach such as reinforcing professional knowledge, implementing daily inspection, replacement tool and media intermediation, and monitor the control approaches to address the risk factors.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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