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Analysis on 30-Meter Offensive Tactics of Spain, The 2010 FIFA World Cup Champion




黃玉娟(Yuh-Chuan Huang);周台英(Tai-Ying Chou)

Key Words

盤運球 ; 傳球 ; 射門 ; dribbling ; passing ; shooting



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24期(2011 / 12 / 01)

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95 - 108

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Chinese Abstract


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The high-level attacking strategies in football competition are the best learning material for football players, which assist in promoting competition results and players’ performance. The main purpose of this study is to provide training reference for both coaches and players by analyzing 30-meter offensive tactics of Spain in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This study analyzes descriptive statistics and percentages of Spanish team by using computerized notational analysis, recording and analysis on 30-meter offensive tactics for 7 games. The results are as follows: Spain used a total of 806 times of 30-meter offensive tactics; passing between two players for 281 times (34.86 %), individual breakthrough for 233 times (27.67 %), individual breakloose and flank pass-to-centre for 233 times (27.67 %), midfield pass (7.94 %) for 64 times, pass and flank pass-to-centre for 56 times (6.95 %), long shot for 43 times (5.34 %), and triangular pass for 35 times (4.34 %). According to the results, the study concluded that the Spanish players are good at the offensive tactics of individual break-loose, passing between two players, and individual break-loose and flank pass-to-centre, which are really suitable for Taiwan football players to imitate.

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