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Lucky Names and Corporate Branding Strategy for Chinese Bank Marketing


張力(William Li Chang);謝閔瑜(Rich M. H. Hsien)

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迷信 ; 企業品牌化 ; 中文品牌名稱 ; 幸運名稱 ; 筆劃數 ; Supernatural Beliefs ; Corporate Branding ; Chinese Brand Name ; Lucky Names ; Total Stroke Number



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8期(2015 / 08 / 10)

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1 - 16

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Abstract: The aim of this article is to explore the impact of Chinese superstitious beliefs for lucky names on corporate branding strategy in brand-naming decision making. Therefore, we examined these principles of total stroke number for Chines lucky names and developed relative hypothesis. In this study, 128 corporate names in Taiwanese financial industry were selected; Chi-square test and Binomial test were employed to analyze these data. Results showed that the total number of strikes for over 50% of the corporate names were of auspicious numbers. Three suggestions are further provided for applying lucky names in Chines corporate branding strategy. Firstly, managers should be cautious in selecting a nomenclature specialist. Secondly, lucky names can be used as a marketing tool. Finally, global enterprises may use lucky names to help their efforts to enter the Chinese commonwealth market.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 管理學
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