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Explore the Charisma of Sports Stars


陳治平(Jr-Ping Chen)

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運動明星 ; 魅力 ; Sports stars ; Charisma



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10期(2014 / 12 / 31)

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43 - 71

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Purpose: Charisma has become one of the most valuable capabilities of today's corporate world. How to communicate with the audience, how to satisfy the audience desire, how to establish the direction of the audience, had become an important issue of sports stars behaviors. Methods: This research is to examine the charisma intellectual history of the 1-21 century, and to explore the region in Anglo-American sports star's charisma of the 19-21 century. This research uses content analysis research method and combines historical comparative research method and grounded theory as the theoretical basis. Firstly, collection, collation and induction for the charisma intellectual are applied to the discussed relevant literature and to establish the analysis theory. We hope that through the each period of development by charisma's intellectual history, to discuss why the sports stars have the unique charisma. Results: The results showed that sports and media culture are inseparable, modern myth creating the public hero. Due to changing times, in the past time, people worship engaged in production heroes. Now, they change into worship dreams and cousumption heroes. In today's globalized media, the true meaning of the sport's charismatic is authenticity and uncertainties. Sports star's charisma in reveal gifted, skills gorgeous and miracles proves nothing is impossible. Conclusion: In this research, we found that over time migration, the charisma discusses will change the content and form. And the sports stars can emphasis on every period. Five kinds discussed are applicable. Therefore, the charisma discussion is a comprehensive of changes organism, can not be single-oriented interpretation.

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