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A Study of Investigating Attributes Attracting the Audience in the Activity of Watching Sports




高立學(Li-Shiue Gau)

Key Words

觀賞運動 ; 屬性 ; 內容分析 ; 運動新聞 ; Spectator sport ; attribute ; content analysis ; sports news



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9卷2期(2011 / 06 / 01)

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39 - 56

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The main purpose of the current study is to investigate the major attributes of spectator sports. The research combines exploratory and confirmatory studies. The exploratory stage included interviews, focus groups and content analysis of sports news articles to identify 20 attributes. Then, in the confirmatory stage, a questionnaire was utilized with the 20 attribute measures; 242 participants were recruited. The results of questionnaires showed that the most emphasized attributes of spectator sports were ”international games,” ”intensity of the games,” and ”a level of competitiveness.” In addition, using the 20 attributes as a set of codes, 42 participants content-analyzed 1-2 sports news articles and generated 770 codes in total. The frequency analyses showed that the most frequently coded attributes were ”star players” and ”performance records.” A comparison of the two results suggested that ”star players” and ”performance records” were two attributes of spectator sports more emphasized by sports news articles than by spectators. By contrast, ”international games” were an attribute emphasized by spectators, but might not be often held to be a topic of sports news.

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