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The Integration of Media Asset Management System in Television Production




張萬成(Wan-Chen Chang);楊美雪(Mei-Hsueh Yang)

Key Words

數位資產管理 ; 媒體資產管理 ; 媒體資產 ; 詮釋資料 ; Digital Asset Management (DAM) ; Media Asset Management (MAM) ; media asset ; metadata



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6期(2006 / 12 / 01)

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33 - 53

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Chinese Abstract

由於資訊科技的快速發展,壓縮科技的技術持續不斷的改進,電腦儲存設備的容量以等比方式增加,以及價格持續下降,傳統影帶的紀錄影音內容的方式,逐漸以被新的儲存方式所取代,媒體資產管理系統在電視新聞作業利用詮釋資料(metadata)為媒體資產(media asset)建立搜尋的重要工具,加上與協力廠商(third party)相關設備作業的系統整合,使得媒體資產從開始產生、播映到典藏,甚至發行與再利用,均能順利地運作,媒體資產管理為電視新聞媒體提供有效率運作方式,成為未來廣播電視媒體的重要發展方向,本文係將說明媒體資產管理、媒體資產管理的功能、以及媒體管理系統建構與流程整合。

English Abstract

Because of the rapid development of IT technology, the continuous improving of audio-visual compression, and exponentially increasing the computer's storage as well as the gradually decreasing price, the traditional storage of audio-visual materials has literally replaced by the new technology. Media Asset Management (MAM) system in broadcast news utilizes the metadata as an important tool for the media asset searching and retrieval, and integrates with the devices and components of the third party systems. It makes the media assets can smoothly operate from the raw materials to archive, even to publish and reuse. Media Asset Management, supporting the efficient operation, becomes a vista for television production in the future. In the context, it will address Media Asset Management, the functions of Media Asset Management, and the architecture and components in media asset management system as well as the integrated workflow.

Topic Category 社會科學 > 傳播學
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