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The Sense and Sorrow of Coaching Experiences from an Elite Olympic Taekwondo Coach and Gold Metal Creator-Kung-Cheng Chiu as an Example


蘇勝宏(Sheng-Hong Su);邱共鉦(Kung-Cheng Chiu);李建興(Chien-Shing Lee)

Key Words

運動員 ; 角色衝突 ; 競技運動 ; Elite Athlete ; Role Conflict ; Sport Competition ; Competition System



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2期(2015 / 11 / 30)

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65 - 76

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Chinese Abstract


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Kung-Cheng Chiu is recognized for his achievement of cultivating elite athletes toward combat gains of the Olympic Taekwondo gold medal. The most encouraging and inspiring record was the first Chinese male Taekwondo gold medal, which was gained by one of his Taiwanese students, Mu Yen Chu. The purpose of this study was to lead out the cause and effect of how Kung-Cheng Chiu obtained outstanding accomplishments and conquered obstacles. This study used literature review on relative data. Furthermore, in-depth interview was conducted for revealing participant’s background and coaching experiences. The results indicated that (1) coach Chiu was a magnificent Taekwondo elite student athlete. (2)His self-learning efficacy with knowledge and concept to professionalize which develops impressive outcome. (3) As a Taekwondo coach, he supervises students to keep learning innovative techniques and strategies and teaches students to win the international competition with positive and active moves. (4) Role conflict between family and work due to long and unstable coaching schedule explains the unfair treatment toward coaching system.

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