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Accuracy Assessment of Applying Close-range Photogrammetry to Recognition Facial Model





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近景攝影量測 ; 顏面三維模型 ; Close-range Photogrammetry ; Facial Model



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The application scope of facial model is quite widespread. Medical use is one of the key projects which develop now. For example, to recognition facial model which in the process of plastic operation for measure or survey in advance. As the result of operation requirement, the most difference of facial model between medical and other use is accuracy requirement, the accuracy of the facial model for medical use should lower than 1mm. Attend to the comfortable of patient, the process of recognition facial model should complete quickly and let the patient’s face accepts the test under the nature state. After considers the above condition and economical factor, this research apply close-range photogrammetry to proceed the experiment of the face plaster cast with general non-metric digital camera. Using software to complete the step including acquisition images, measure 3-D coordinated of control point, generation face model. On the other hand, research establishment plaster figure model which presents by the cloud point according to non-contact optics measurement instrument. To compare two kinds of models, to inspection the error of the facial model which recognition by close-range photogrammetry and fair price experiment equipment whether conforms to the demand. Research experiment with real human face in the final stage, and demonstrates the achievement model by virtual reality modeling language. Finally proposes the conclusion and the suggestion to the article.

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工程學 > 土木與建築工程
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