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A study of Liu-Wei-Dihuang Pills effect on microcirculation



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六味地黃丸 ; 中藥 ; 微循環 ; Liu-Wei-Dihuang ; herb ; microcirculation



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Chinese Abstract

中藥的歷史悠久,在藥性和藥理上有許多種分類方法,其中以藏象學說和經絡學說為主要依據的就是歸經理論,而我們的研究就是以經絡和穴道上的微循環來觀察六味地黃丸對人體的影響。   在實驗上我們以雷射都卜勒血流計來觀察微循環,而且依照六味地黃丸的藥效選擇腳上的太谿作為主要的量測位置,另外還選擇太谿旁的非穴道和手上的合谷作為對照,除了服藥的實驗,我們還進行了空白實驗來確保服藥實驗的變化確實是服藥的影響,在實驗結果中我們看到服用六味地黃丸會使太谿的微循環血流量上升,血流量變化比例也較空白實驗來得多,這代表六味地黃丸可能具有改善下半身微循環的功效。

English Abstract

There are many properties for herbs. One of these properties is meridian tropism theory. It is also an important concept in Chinese Medicine Pharmacology. In this study, we try to extract the microcirculatory property of acupoint and meridian to study the effects of taking Liu-Wei-Dihuang.   In the experiment, we use Laser Doppler flowmetry (LDF) to monitor microcirculation. The measurement site are Tai-Xi (Ki3), nonacupoint near Tai-Xi, and He-Gu (Li4). We also do blank test to contrast with the experiment of taking Liu-Wei-Dihuang. The result of this study indicates that Liu-Wei-Dihuang increase the blood flow at Tai-Xi, and make the variation of blood flow at Tai-Xi larger than it is in the blank test. This phenomenon imply that Liu-Wei-Dihuang may improve the microcirculation of lower extremities.

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