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Investigation of the Sound Power and Quality of an Existing Axial Fan




王志宏(J. H. Wang);謝政哲(J. J. Shieh)

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1998(1998 / 05 / 08)

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243 - 248

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送風機廣泛用於工廠、交通工具及居住環境的空調系統中。然而送風機所產生的嗓音也是目前國產送風機最被要求改善的重點。本研究是依AMCA 330-86標凖量測某國內暢銷風機之聲功率。由實驗結果發現此風機之噪音很大,初步判定是葉片設計不良所引發之紊流聲佔最大部分。我們也探討了聲音品質,並且具體提出軸流風機嗓音量及聲音品質的改善方案。

English Abstract

Fan, either centrifugal or axial, has been widely used in factory, air-condition system for air handling. However, the noise produced by fan is the main concern by the producer and the user. The main object of this research is to set up a measurement system according to the AMCA 330-86 in order to measure the sound power of an existing axial fan. Besides, the sound quality of the investigated fan was also studied. The measured result shows that the sound power of the investigated fan is extremely high, more than 97dB in design point. The main reason for this high level of noise is due to the improper design of blade by which a high level of broadband turbulent noise is induced.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 市政與環境工程