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Analysis of Accuracy for UAV-derived Topography from a GoPro Camera


白絜成(Chieh-Cheng Pai);劉益誠(Yi-Cheng Liu);蕭宇伸(Yu-Shen Hsiao);連惠邦(Hui-Pang Lien);林秉賢(Ping-Hsien Lin)

Key Words

無人飛行載具 ; 消費型攝影機 ; Pix4Dmapper影像處理軟體 ; UAV ; Consumer digital cameras ; Pix4Dmapper



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46卷3期(2015 / 09 / 01)

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142 - 149

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Chinese Abstract

本研究利用無人飛行載具搭載GOPRO HERO3,針對旗山溪進行空拍,並檢核其精度。過去UAV系統多搭載具有高解像力之單眼相機進行拍攝,獲取高精度地面資料,本研究採用低單價消費型攝影機(GOPRO HERO3)進行高空4K動態攝影,其動態影像可快速且不間斷存取地面景物資料。搭配Pix4Dmapper影像處理軟體,可快速製作正射影像、建構立體視圖及地形DSM等資料。另搭配其他軟體可將動態影像連續拼接大圖、製作空中動(靜)720度環景影像。研究顯示,檢核點位X方向精度7.5公分,Y方向精度4.2公分,Z方向精度12.4公分,前人研究三維定位精度達10、23及50公分,結果分別可用於1/1000、1/2500的地形測繪及1/5000的航空圖,相對此技術應用於防災需求為可行。

English Abstract

This study focused on photogrammetry by unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with a GOPRO HERO3 camera at Cishan river. The accuracy assessment was also analyzed. In the past, an UAV system was usually equipped with a high-resolution monocular camera to obtain highly accurate data. This study used a 4K dynamic photogrammetry for obtaining high-resolution land information utilizing a low-priced consumer camera (GOPRO HERO3). The images from the dynamic photogrammetry were obtained rapidly and without interruption, and could be transformed to orthophotos, stereographs, and DSMs by PIX4Dmapper. They can also be used to generate large mosaic pictures and 720-degree panoramic images by other software. The accuracies of the UAV-derived coordinate values in the X, Y and Z directions are 7.5, 4.2 and 12.4 cm, respectively. They all reach the criterions of horizontal accuracy (25 cm) and vertical accuracy (30 cm) of the National Land Surveying and Mapping center (NLSC). Thus, it is feasible to use this method in detecting disaster prevention problems.

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