越南農村勞動力轉業之決策因素分析—以湄公河三角洲 Phong Dien 地區為例

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The Factors Contributing to Rural Labor Job Transfer Decisions in Viet Nam: A Case Study in the Can Tho City of Phong Dien District





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越南農村勞動力轉業之決策因素分析 ; Transfer Decision ; Probit model



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This study is carried out in the Can Tho City of Phong Dien District from May 2008 to December 2009. Household sample survey and Probit model are applied to analyse the causes and outcome of rural labor job transfer during the period 2002-2008. Research results show that rural labor force did not meet the quality requirement of the labor market in the industries located in the urban areas, due to the limitation of participation ability in the labor market. Most rural workers are manual labors and they usually work in a harmful environment. Furthermore, the empirical results indicates that the workers’job transfer decision is positively associated with the gender, education level, household size, and the number of dependent family members, but negatively related to the income level and age. Therefore, the government should design policies to support young workers such as provide vocational training opportunities. In addition,the government should offer financial support such as low-interest loans to employees in the manufacturing sector, and to assist new business development for the workers aged 35 and over because they are unlikely to transfer careers after working for the factories.

Topic Category 生物資源暨農學院 > 農業經濟學研究所
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