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Data Collection System of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with 6LoWPAN-based Wireless Sensor Network



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無人飛行器 ; 無線感測網路 ; UAV ; Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ; 6LoWPAN ; Wireless Sensor Network ; MQTT



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以往無線感測網路所使用的網路協定無法直接對外連結,需要透過閘道器(gateway)實行協定的轉換,才能將資料上傳至網際網路。6LoWPAN 是一項基於IEEE 802.15.4延伸發展的協定,能將資料以IPv6的封包格式在IEEE 802.15.4的網路進行傳送,能直接透過閘道器傳送至IPv6網路,提升資料傳送至網際網路的效率。另外,sensor node在傳送訊號時的耗電量是最大的,使用多重跳躍路由機制(multiple-hop routing)在每次進行資料傳送時,需消耗路徑上每個sensor node的電力。使用無人飛行器結合無線感測網路收集資料的方式取代多重跳躍路由機制,不僅能降低傳送的次數,更能增加無線感測網路系統的生命週期。此方式適合用於大範圍地理分布的感測資訊收集與制動器控制。 本論文提出一個基於6LoWPAN協定的無人飛行器無線感測網路資料收集系統,並實作出雛形以驗證其可行性與效能。此系統的感測節點使用6LoWPAN協定組成無線感測網路,節點之間則使用MQTT協定傳送資料,其中某幾個感測節點會成為MQTT broker,其他節點則會固定將資料傳到broker節點。而無人飛行器只需跟broker節點連線並接收資料,不需要跟其他感測節點連線,以此減少節點的傳送次數。在本系統實作雛型的實驗中,無人飛行器可成功將收集到的資料即時透過4G網路匯集至Google試算表上,讓後端使用者可以透過Google API取得並運用資料。

English Abstract

6LoWPAN is an extended communication protocol based on IEEE 802.15.4. By that we can transmit IPv6 packets over IEEE 802.15.4 in wireless sensor networks. On the other hand, the power consumption of the sensor node is greatly constrained. Using the multiple-hop routing on wireless sensor network will cost significant power of sensor nodes in forwarding packets. Replacing the multiple-hop routing by using UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) can not only decrease the transmission times, but also increase the lifetime of wireless sensor network. In this thesis, we propose a data collection system that combines the UAV with the 6LoWPAN-based wireless sensor network and we make a prototype to prove the proposed architecture. In the prototype system, the sensor nodes form a wireless sensor network based on 6LoWPAN protocol. Some specific sensor nodes serve as MQTT brokers while the others publish the sensor data to these brokers. The UAV only needs to communicate with the brokers and receive the data from them. Then, UAV transmits the data to Google Spreadsheet by 4G LTE such that user can get information conveniently.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 資訊科學
電機資訊學院 > 資訊工程學系
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