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Landscape, Migration, and Identity-Construction: Spiritual Quest via the Zen Path in Jack Kerouac's the Dharma Bums and on the Road





克里亞克 遷徙 崩垮世代

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The 1950s was a period of political cold war and a time of suspicion when the weariness about war, moral deviance and economic depression weighed down the traditional values. Kerouac wins his celebrity by publishing a series of novels with the main characters troubled by their environment, economical parsimony and disengaged human relationship. Desolation angels, shrouded monks and dharma bums are their pseudo names; road and nomadism are the essence of their identity. Along the road, Kerouac's path-finders, obsessed with wanderlust, experience and identify with the marginality, become pilgrims when they penetrate into the core of human existence. They are on the land of America, but they have the sensation of being homesick. Exploring aimlessly and restlessly, Kerouac’s characters eventually find the elements of the world although multi-layered, multi-dimensioned, yet they still belong to each other. This recognition of the extraordinary in the ordinary, starting from migration, is based on appreciation of landscape and nature. This paper will begin with the concept of migration, its intertwining of the landscape and then proceed to the discussion of Kerouac's path of dharma in his most representative road narratives.

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Korouac migration The Dharma Bums On the Road Zen


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