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A Study of the Prose of Choong Yee Voon (Zhong Yiwen): A Case of a Malaysian Chinese Writer in Taiwan




Parallel abstracts

Described as an "all-conquering" contestant in major Taiwanese literary award competitions for Taiwanese writers, Choong Yee Voon (1969-) presents an interesting case of a Malaysian Chinese immigrant writer in Taiwan, as she finds her foothold in a foreign land and wins the hearts of Taiwanese readers and the literary scene alike. While good looks and immense literary talents certainly contribute to her popularity, this paper investigates why is it that many other Malaysian Chinese writers see themselves as being discriminated against as facing discrimination in the Taiwanese literary scene due to their foreign nationality, while Choong, on the contrary, is embraced by readers and indigenous writers alike. This paper will show that Choong’s urge to utilize her multi-layered individual identity to transcend nationality shows her desire to not only blend into the Taiwanese literary scene, but also to maintain her roots in Malaysia, and to become part of the international writing scene.


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