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An Investigation on Innovation Adoption of Farm Families-A Case Involving Internet Usage


網際網路是二十世紀末最重要的技術創新之一,它不僅影響資訊的擴散範圍與速度,亦影響人民的日常生活。一般而言,農戶接受創新技術相對落遲於非農戶。本研究旨在探討影響農戶採用網際網路的因素。實証資料取自行政院主計處1999和2002年的家庭收支調查原始電腦檔。1999年樣本農戶數1, 514戶,農戶採用網際網路比率6.41%; 2002年樣本農戶數1, 338戶,採用網際網路農戶比率24.36%。1999年樣本資料的Probit迴歸估測結果顯示農戶所得、居住地區為中區和南區兩個虛擬變項,以及農戶創新性程度等四個變數顯著地影響農戶是否採用網際網路。2002年實証估測結果指出農戶經濟戶長的教育程度和兼業情形,農戶所得,居住地為南區,居住地為都市,以及農戶創新性程度等六個變數具統計顯著性。實証結果意涵在不同創新擴散階段,農戶採用網際網路的影響因素是不同的。


農戶 創新採用 網際網路

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The Internet is one of the most important innovations of the late 20th century. The influences of the Internet are not only on scope and speed of information spread, but also on the daily life of people. In general, farm families relatively lag behind non-farm families in adopting innovative methods. The objectives of this study are to investigate the factors of farm families' decision making behavior concerning Internet usage. The sample observations were obtained from the Survey of Family Income and Expenditure, conducted by the Directorate General of Budget, Accounting & Statistics from the Executive Yuan. Sample sizes of the study are 1, 514 in 1999 and 1, 338 in 2002, respectively. About 6.4% in 1999 and 24.4% in 2002 of sample farm families utilized the Internet. The estimated results of the probit model show that the probabilities of farm families utilizing the Internet are obviously affected by farm families' income, innovativeness, and residence area in the sample from 1999. The results also reveal that the household head's education, whether or not they are part-time farmers, residence area and urbanization level of residence significantly affected farm families Internet usage in the sample from 2002. Therefore, the empirical results suggest that the factors affecting farm families Internet usage are different during distinct diffusion stages.

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Farm Families Innovation Adoption Internet

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