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To Be a Typical or an Atypical Worker? Decision Modes and Determinants of Employment Patterns for Male and Married Female Laborers in Taiwan



Parallel abstracts

This paper explores the decision modes of employment and presents the possible factors. Classifying the decision modes into "two-stage decision" and "sequential decision" and using the data of "Manpower Utilization Survey" in 2009 and 2013, we apply a multinomial logit model and two nested logit models for the estimation. Our empirical results show that men tend to adopt the mode of "sequential decision" and married women tend to adopt the mode of "two-stage decision". Furthermore, an older person, a married man, and a higher educated person have a greater possibility of choosing a full-time typical job. A younger person tends to choose a full-time atypical job, however, the probability of choosing a part-time job has no monotonic correlation with age. An increase in the number of family members decreases the possibility of choosing a part-time job for men, but encourages married women to participate in the secondary labor market (i.e. a part-time job). Finally, the composition of families and the business cycle have distinct impacts on the decision of employment patterns between males and married females.


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