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Development of a High Efficiency Automatic Pallet Handling System for Rice Seeded Trays


本研究目的旨在開發一套高效能秧苗箱自動疊棧系統,在播種作業時,可與一貫化水稻育苗播種機連線作業,將播種完成之秧苗箱自動堆疊於棧板上。研製之高教能秧苗箱自動堆疊機由供箱、苗箱夾送及棧板輸送等三大單元組成,每次作業夾取四疊,每疊箱數可藉由人機介面設定為2~5箱。棧板輸送單元負責將空棧板自疊區依序排出,並藉由棧板輸送滾筒運送至苗箱堆疊區,進行苗箱堆疊。供箱單元負責將播種完成運送過來的苗箱,轉置90度,進入夾箱區,供苗箱夾送單元夾取。當四疊苗箱完成供箱後,由苗箱夾送單元夾取苗箱至棧板上堆疊。 在每疊3箱夾送、30箱一堆疊、每個棧板4堆疊,共120箱之試驗條件下,試驗結果顯示:高效能疊棧機每小時作業能量可達2,520箱以上;堆箱成功率為100%;夾送成功率可達96.4%以上,且機械疊後的苗箱整齊度較人工佳,疊棧偏離量在8mm以內。經由實地示範觀摩,農民對於機械性能相當滿意。開發之高效能秧苗箱自動疊棧機已通過國家性能測定,並列入國產新型農機購置補助機種,目前已推廣五十餘處水稻育苗中心使用,可有效紓解農村勞力不足的問題,並降低水稻育苗生產成本,對提升水稻育苗搬運自動化有莫大助益。


水稻育苗 秧苗箱 棧板 搬運

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Performance evaluation experiments were conducted to investigate the performance of the system. In the experiments, the grippers of the tray-relocating unit seized four stacks of seeded trays, three trays in a stack, twelve trays in total, at one time and piled them on a pallet. Each pallet accommodated 120 trays divided in four piles, thirty trays per pile. When the stacking procedure was completed, the pallet is relocated by a forklift. Experimental results showed that the system worked satisfactorily at stacking 2,520 trays per hour, with a successful stacking rate of 100%, and a successful relocating rate of 96.4% for pallet loading. The misalignment of a thirty-trays pile was within 8 mm, better than that by manual stacking. Several in-field demonstrations of the developed system have been conducted and the farmers were satisfied with its performance. This system has also passed the national performance tests in Taiwan, and has also obtained the government subsides for innovational agricultural machinery. The loading system has been commercialized and used by over forty rice seedling centers. Hopefully, it can cut down the operation cost of rice seedling nursery and benefit the farmers. The objective of this study was to develop a high efficiency automatic pallet handling system (the system) for rice seeded trays used in automatic rice seed sowing operations, The system retrieves seeded trays from an automatic sowing line and piles them up two to five trays in a stack (optional, set through a human-machine interfacing control panel) on pallets orderly. The system consists of three units: tray-supplying, tray-relocating and pallet-supplying units. The pallet-supplying unit handles the flow of empty pallets, which are stored in stacks. After being destacked, each pallet will be moved forwards to the tray-relocating unit where the seeded trays are to be collected and stacked. The tray-supplying unit turns the seeded trays ninety degrees from longitudinal direction into transverse direction and regulates the three-tray stacks in a well-formed manner as they move to the gripping section in the unit. In the gripping section a set of grippers activated by the tray-relocating unit stacks them onto the waiting pallets.

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Rice seedling nursery Seeded tray Pallet Transportation