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Parallel abstracts

Migraine has been known a risk factor of ischemic stroke. A 57-year-old female, with past history of migraine and hypertension, has been always sent to our emergency because of too high blood pressure. She has been bothered with frequent episodes of dizziness, vertigo, headache and ataxia in recent four months. Diplopia, syncope, paresthesia or muscular weakness was not noted. She was once sent to our emergency because of vertigo, and then the disease relieved gradually in the following two months. Migrainous vertigo was impressed after the progress of disease, physical examination, audiometry, electronystagmography, and vestibular evoked myogenic potential were reviewed. However, magnetic resonance angiogram of brain revealed migrainous infarction of cerebellum. Therefore, migrainous vertigo might be migrainous infarction of cerebellum, especially in he/she who with hypertension, cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, hyper-lipidemia, diabetes, or over physical activity.