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Effects of Socioeconomic Status and Tutoring Time on Physical Activity Among Junior High School Students


本研究目的為透過加速規瞭解國中生家庭社經地位和補習時間對課後及週末身體活動量之影響。以大臺北地區之3所國中,共計295位為研究對象(156位男生、139位女生),按社會經濟發展水準由各年級各抽出2個班級進行7天之中等至費力運動(moderate to vigorous physical activity, MVPA)之身體活動量資料蒐集,並針對在校期間5天課後及週末2天的身體活動量進行分析,同時佐以家庭社經地位及補習時間進行調查。結果發現:一、男生在課後及週末從事MVPA平均時間顯著高於女生。二、家庭社經地位與學生在課後及週末從事MVPA上沒有顯著差異。三、家庭社經地位與補習時間有顯著差異,學生家庭社經地位越高,會有更高比率的高補習時間。本研究結論:性別方面,男女生傾向選擇不同強度之身體活動,且女性可能會因生理發展或性別刻板印象等因素減少身體活動之參與;青少年做出從事身體活動之決定除受到家庭社經地位影響外,也受個體因素驅動,故家庭社經地位在MVPA上並無顯著;最後,學生選擇參與補習是期望能獲得更有價值的文憑,因此壓縮到其身體活動時間。本研究中發現,整體MVPA偏低,顯示臺灣國中生身體活動量議題極需改善。

Parallel abstracts

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of socioeconomic status (SES) and tutoring time of junior high school students on their physical activity (PA) after school and on weekends using an accelerometer. Participants included a total of 295 students (156 boys and 139 girls) from three junior high schools in the Taipei Area. The junior high schools were targeted and two classes from each grade of each school were selected for the study. Their moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) was objectively measured for seven days; the family's SES and tutoring time with weekdays after-school and weekend MVPA data were also assessed. Results showed that (1) male students had significantly longer average duration of MVPA after school and during weekends than female students; (2) the SES showed a non-significant main effect on the average times of MVPA after school and during weekends; and (3) there was a statistically significant association between SES and tutoring time, i.e., the high SES students had longer tutoring times. We conclude that this study finds a gender effect in that adolescent boys and girls tend to exhibit different intensities of PA. The reasons that adolescent girls may have engaged in less PA include body image issues and gender roles. When adolescents are making decisions about engaging in PA, their decisions may be affected by SES but may also be driven by individual factors. Lastly, students choose to participate in private tutoring to improve academic achievement and pursue a more prestigious diploma. In this study, adolescent boys and girls only engage in MVPA for 12 to 18 minutes per day, which is far below the recommended MVPA level. This indicates that the PA engagement of adolescents in Taiwan needs to be improved.


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