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The Thirteenth Patriarch of the Lotus Sect Yinguang's Idea of Cure by Chanting the Name of Amitābha Buddha




蓮宗 印光 念佛 懺悔 至誠

Parallel abstracts

This text mainly discusses from three topics about Yinguang's idea of cure by chanting the name of Amitābha Buddha; they are "benefits of chanting Buddha's name", "faith, willing, and sincerity", and "changing karma to treat a disease." It is known that Yinguang refuted Buddhism once; and he suffered from eye diseases in his childhood and felt deeply ashamed about his karma. He found that by chanting Buddha's name he can eliminate karma and get benefits from the chanting in his life.Also, Yinguang emphasized that chanting Buddha's name has inconceivable virtue only when practitioners have deep faith and make earnest vows. Only by sincerely and deferentially chanting the name of Buddha can he receive the support and power of treatment through the means of Amitabha's vows.Last, Yinguang explained the causes of diseases from the aspects of mental illness and physical illness, and further advocated the reason of transforming and changing karma from chanting Buddha's name. This would only work when one is equipped with spirits of "Repenting the Obstruction of Karma", "Arousing Bodhi-Mind", and "Holding sincerity." Yinguang propagated the Dharma of Pure Land his whole life and recommended the idea of cure from chanting Buddha's name. It matched with the needs of layman to soothe their anguish brought to life, to solve life problems, and to pursue ultimate concerns.