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A Study on Validity of Technical Expert Performance for Industrial Vocational High School in Taiwan


本研究昌在探討專家效度的意涵與價值。以碟探法(DACUM)的立論界定專家,運用德懷術(Delphi)經歷兩次的專家意見徵詢與確認,探討完成實作評量題例所需的技術內容,籍研究過程探討專家效度的意涵與價值。研究獲致的結論與建議如下: 一、研究價值的關鍵在於研究者的客觀立場和專業能力,專家效度充其量只是增強研究者的信心和肯定自我的研究價值的參據而已。 二、明確且清楚地敘述意見徵詢或調查的命題固然重要,審慎設計研究命題才是關鍵。 三、專家人數多寡關俘、專家效度品質,但研究者應該關注的是專家是否過切且真誠地回應命題的內容。 四、完成實作技術評量題例所需的技術內容,具體且明確的論點為教育研究間的相對比較性而非實質性之意涵。 經由本研究,提出如下之建議: 一、當事者研究(practitioner research)之研究值得推廣,以體驗研究主題的實質意涵與研究結果的應用價值。 二、研究者應審慎處理個人經驗與主觀價值對研究效度之干擾。 三、碟探法與德懷術之運用,宜掌握在方法論上的本質。 四、命題採開放式意見徵詢時,如能配合運用小組會議,可提升研究品質。

Parallel abstracts

The purpose of this study is to explore the meaning and the functional contribution of the validity of experts' performance. After the process including (a) the defining of expert with DACUM rationale, (b) the application of the Delphi technique twice through consultation, analysis, organization, and confirmation of the experts, (c) the appreciation of the researcher through the whole process, the technical contents needed to accomplish the practical technical project were solved. This study reached the following conclusions: I. The value of a research is constructed mainly on the researcher's impartial opinion and professionalism. The validity of experts' performance acts only as reference to enhance and affirm the confidence of the researcher and his (her) work. 2. The questionnaire designed for asking opinions or investigation needs to be concise and clear in its description. It is of utmost importance that the designing of the questionnaire be strictly monitored. 3. The number of experts participated in the research, affects the quality of the validity of experts' performance. The researcher should be aware if the experts have answered to the questionnaire relevantly and truthfully. 4. The point that the technical contents needed to accomplish the practical technical project were specific and concise is comparative rather than non-actual in educational research. Based on the forgoing, the researcher proposes the following suggestions: 1. Practitioner research is worth putting into action. The results obtained were valuable beyond description and were most-beneficial to the researcher himself/herself. 2. The influence of personal experience and subjective values to the validity of the research should be prudently considered. 3. Qualification of experts participating, the research should be determined by the research themes and fields. 4. During application of DACUM and Delphi in research, their inherent nature should be considered. 5. Open-type questionnaire combined with panel discussion is suggested.