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Personal Healthcare System Based on Chinese Medicine Knowledge



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With advancement of medicine and technology, people's health and life expectancy have been improved and extended. However, due to social development and economic growth, people are busy for work and live under greatly increased tension and pressures, resulting in an excessive burden on the body, which cause various diseases. As a result, many people begin to pay more attention to their health. In addition to medical services provided by hospitals, the Chinese health care concept has been gradually getting more attention. Furthermore, since the Western treatment for chronic diseases has some limitations, Chinese herbal medicine and Meridian massage has been increasingly recognized by the medical community all over the world. Today, Chinese Medicine has become one of major out-patient services in most hospitals.By integrating traditional Chinese medicine database, meridian acupuncture points database, health-improvement regimen database, and Western-Chinese medicine interaction databases, the purposes of the system is to allow people to access Chinese medicine knowledge easily and be able to establish their own health record so that people can use the system to establish personalized regimen scheme. Since most of people still choose Western medicine when they are sick, the system also incorporate the Chinese and Western medicine interactions databases, so that users can query the website for the interactive effects of the Chinese and Western medicines they are taking at the same time, and increase the safety of medication.