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Prospective Physical Education Teachers' Perception of Sport Education Instruction Model




師資生 師資培育 知覺

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The Purpose of this study was to explore the prospective physical education teachers' perception of sport education (SE) instruction model during the process of teaching practicum (comprised before, during and after), and to understand how the concepts of SE were connected among these period. Methods: Five prospective physical education teachers were invited to participate during their teaching practicum course. Data was collected through semi-structures interviews and learning portfolios. Data was analyzed by constant comparison, document analysis, and checked by triangulation. Results: (1) Before teaching practicum: the perception of SE was indistinct; during teaching practicum: the perception were major in affiliation, role playing, competition, and class management; after teaching practicum, the importance of SE and relevant learning styles were perceived. (2) During teaching practicum, the delivery of the content knowledge of SE was not obvious to teaching practice. (3) The information which they constructed were almost extracted from field teaching experiences, through lacked of the core conception of SE. Suggestion that the future can be practice-oriented, enhancing prospective teachers' learning through practice experiences.