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Fishery and Interindustry Input-Output Analysis of Pingtung County




王健雄(Chien-Hsiung Wang);林銘振(Ming-Cheng Lin);張美淑(Mei-Shu Chang)

Key Words

投入一產出一表 ; 連鎖效果 ; 均勻度指數 ; Input-Output Analysis ; Effect of Linkage ; Evenness Index



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16卷2期(1989 / 08 / 01)

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119 - 144

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Chinese Abstract

本報告係以新鮮草蝦爲原料來製造雞尾酒蝦(cocktail shrimp)並以不同的切割位置及長度與不同的加熱溫度及時間來探討它們對產品各種性質之影響。結果顯示加熱溫度及時間對產品很多特性有顯著影響,而切割的位置及長度對產品的性質沒有影響。另外,在很多的考慮項目中,收縮比率(shrinkage ratios)R2,R3和R31是比較理想的加工指標以爲產品懸掛在雞尾酒杯上的穩定性的參考。

English Abstract

Tail-on,cooked,peeled and deveined tiger prawn has been a delicacy inrestaurants and on cocktail tables.The shape and curvature of the shrimpcould affect it's hanging stability on cocktail glasses.In this study,the effectsof heating conditions and cutting methods on the curvature,shrinkage ratio,yield and textural properties of cocktail shrimps were investigated.The resultsindicated that cut position and cut length did not significantly(p>0.05)affectany of the measured quality attributes.Heating temperature,time and theirinteraction showed significant(p<0.01 or 0.05)effects on the yield,shrinkageratio,curvature and texture of the final products and indicated the existenceof an optimal heating condition.Shrinkage ratios R2,R3 and R31 appeared tobe better parameters than other parameters which have also been tested inthe study in searching for a indicator of hanging stability of the product.

Topic Category 生物農學 > 農業
生物農學 > 森林
生物農學 > 畜牧
生物農學 > 漁業
生物農學 > 農產加工
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