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Localization of Agro-food Exploration of Rice Industry within Chin Shang Township in Taitung County




梁炳琨(Bang-Kuen Liang)

Key Words

在地化 ; 鑲嵌 ; 另類農業食物網絡 ; 認證 ; 池上 ; localization ; embeddedness ; alternative agro-food networks AAFNs ; certification ; Chin Shang



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53期(2008 / 09 / 01)

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85 - 117

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Chinese Abstract


English Abstract

Because of the resistance against global food supply systems, distrust in industry food systems and post-productivist transition in rural area, practices and researches of local agro-food systems rose since 2000. Local embeddedness and alternative agro-food networks (AAFNs) are important study perspectives of local agro-food systems. Recently many local agro-food systems emerged in Taiwan, such as farmers' market, citizen farm and geographical indication. This research selects Chin Shang Rice as study case, because it's first awarded the geographical indication in Taiwan. This study discovers 3 points. Firstly, the local embeddedness of Chin Shang Rice industry includes physical environmental factors, local institutions of rice (certification and competition) and local networks of rice industry (farmers, merchants of rice and suppliers of lunch boxes). Secondly, the certification is an important relocalization of Chin Shang Rice, including multi-scale political economic operation. The certification and the championship of national competition of Chin Shang Rice not only help to promote it in local direct markets (face to face), but also raise local rice prices, improve social relationships between farmers and merchants, and prompt friendly environment. Lastly, the ”local” range and the content of agro-food localization should include the concepts of local-global nexus, history context and physical environmental factors.

Topic Category 人文學 > 地理及區域研究
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