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The Study on Sound Insulation of Ventilated Soundproof Window in Buildings




朱文松(Wen-Sung Chu);賴榮平(Rong-Ping Lai);陳冠竹(Kuan-Chu Chen)

Key Words

換氣隔音窗 ; 消音箱 ; 隔音 ; 換氣 ; 永續建築 ; Ventilated Soundproof Window ; Silencer ; Sound insulation ; Ventilation ; Sustainable Building



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94期(2015 / 12 / 30)

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39 - 57

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Installing soundproof windows for isolation from outdoor noise also obstructs fresh air flow. It causes bad indoor air quality. This research conducted tests of many kinds of ventilated silencers for soundproof windows to try to combine sound insulation and ventilation performance in one window system. The present study analyzes sound insulation with respect to ventilation effects, the object being to develop window systems that will reduce noise transmission whilst allowing airflow into the building, a performance that matches summer indoor ventilation and refreshment needs. In addition these window systems will enable the efficient use of daylight, thus addressing growing concerns about sustainability. In this study at the Acoustics Laboratory various prototypes were tested and their acoustic performances were assessed by types of ventilated silencers. The results show types of variable-volume resonant silencers have values over 32dB by R_w index, showing excellent acoustic performances, and the results show that the proposed method can achieve the design goal of obtaining high-performance sound insulation on ventilated soundproof windows in buildings.

Topic Category 工程學 > 土木與建築工程
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