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A Study of Applied Information Technology in Customized Fashion Design


陳麗萍(L. P. Chen)

Key Words

服裝設計 ; 客製化 ; 電子化 ; 專案管理 ; fashion Design ; customized ; electronic ; project management



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9卷2期(2002 / 06 / 01)

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218 - 228

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Recently low-priced laborers of booming industrial countries and mass production have threatened the dress industry recently. These make the price becoming more competitive and highly developed industrial countries lead the fashion design in the whole market. So the way for existence must adopt two methods in the same time. One is to move the factories to the neighboring new countries and hire the local labors. The other is to combine the design with both cantracting and customizing, which are the latest ways all over the world. Thus, the design of project management and the application of information technology have become the advantage of the industrial competition which combines the necessary that the two objects above. The purpose of this research is to collect the relevant information technology, which is about CAD, 3D body scanning, which is applying on fashion design, including operational process, proceeding control, and communication correction, and produced a completed proposal to integrate the above technologies applying on fashion design with the customized project management. Hope to provide a bundle of benefits of integrated information with fashion business operators, interactive mode of customized electronic design of fashion. Then make the customers would understand the process of the whole costume designing and make the products to become more competitive.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 基礎與應用科學綜合
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