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The Intensive Nursing Care for a Patient Post Heart Transplantation




歐淑華(Shu-Hua Ou)

Key Words

心臟移植 ; 低心輸出量 ; 加護護理 ; heart transplantation ; low cardiac output ; intensive care



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19卷2期(2008 / 06 / 01)

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265 - 273

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Chinese Abstract


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This case report described the nursing experience of caring for a patient post heart transplantation in an intensive care unit. During the caring period (from 4/29/2005 to 5/8/2005), the author assessed the patient's health problems by Roy's model and confirmed that the patient, after being hospitalized for congestive heart failure several times, hoped to improve her cardiac function by this heart transplantation operation. The patient suffered from decreased cardiac output and increased drug used. A passive and depressed attitude and a sense of helplessness were noted, combining with potential risk of infection and acute pain. The multiplex process of nursing was used to encourage the patient to take advantage of her strong support system, to express her negative feelings, and to be optimistic about this major surgery further to decrease her sense of helplessness and improve self-control. The paper emphasized the importance of self-care education on post heart transplantation.

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