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The Second Restoration of Louis XVIII




王英男(Ying-Nan Wang)

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百日政變 ; 二次復辟 ; Louis XVIII ; Restauration



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18期(2007 / 06 / 01)

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381 - 398

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Established by Henri IV, the House of Bourbon ruled France from 1589~1792. During this period France exerted tremendous political and cultural influence in Europe. The first King, Henry IV, ruled the country with great wisdom and strategy from 1589 to 1610. The second famous King, Louis XIV, assisted by the courtier such as Jean Colbert to develop and support economy and commerce, patronized literature and arts and was regarded the paradigm of the European monarchy. Louis XIV who ruled from 1643~1715 established the hegemony at the zenith of his political competence and achievement. After his death, France lost its footing on the political arena in Europe. The successor Louis XVI, helped by Robert Turgot and Jacques Necker to implement the unsuccessful economic reforms, caused the outburst of French Revolution in 1789 and was beheaded in 1793. Another successor Louis XVIII was obliged to resign during the 100~day coup led by Napoleon and restored his ruling again after the Waterloo War. Although historians did not regard Louis XVIII with high esteem, his great commitment to maintain the stability of the country and his intelligence to pacify and soothe the emotional upheaval surpassed all the predecessors. It's believed that the efficient and benevolent governance of the ruler will certainly bring forth the prosperity and happiness of the people.

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