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A Survey of the Comprehensive Popular Science Magazines in Taiwan before Science Monthly




張之傑(Zhi-Jie Zhang)

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台灣 ; 綜合科普刊物 ; 《科學月刊》 ; 《大眾科學》 ; 《科學教育》 ; Taiwan ; comprehensive popular science magazine ; Science Monthly ; Everybody’s Science Monthly ; Science Education



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2期(2011 / 08 / 01)

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61 - 79

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Chinese Abstract

《科學月刊》1970 年元月創刊,發行已40 年,是台灣地區最重要的一份綜合科普刊物。《科學月刊》創刊前,台灣已有4 種綜合科普刊物:《大眾科學》(1951/1)、《中華科學畫報》(1954/3)、《科學教育》(1955/3)和《科學研習》(1962/4)。《中華科學畫報》存在短暫,《科學研習》是少兒刊物,本文側重《大眾科學》和《科學教育》,從人事變遷、社址變遷、編委會變遷、內容變遷等方面對兩份刊物作全面考察,以期對《科學月刊》今後的發展有所借鑑。

English Abstract

Starting publication in January, 1970, Science Monthly is the most important comprehensive science magazine in Taiwan. Before Science Monthly, there are four comprehensive popular science magazines: Everybody’s Science Monthly, Chung Hwa Popular Science, Science Club’s Bulletin and Science Education. Because Chung Hwa Popular Science only published 10 issue, and that Science Club’s Bulletin is for teenagers, we lay special emphasis on Everybody’s Science Monthly and Science Education. Investigating the changes of these two magazines in an all-round way, including their personnel, address, editorial committee and contents, we hope that Science Monthly can draw some lessons from their experience.

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