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The Transformation of the Yin-Yang Thought in Chunqiu fanlu: A Discussion Based upon a Comparison with the Zhou Yi




蔡智力(CAI, Zhi-li)

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《春秋繁露》 ; 董仲舒 ; 《周易》 ; 陰陽 ; Yi ; Chunqiu fanlu ; Dong Zhongshu ; yin-yang



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35卷(2018 / 08 / 01)

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303 - 342

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This article aims to explore the transformation of the yin-yang 陰陽 thought in Dong Zhongshu's Chunqiu fanlu, based on a comparison with the Zhou Yi. As an integrated system which was by and large finalized in the Han dynasty, the latter is considered to have assimilated the important achievements of the yin-yang thought of the pre-Qin period. Chunqiu fanlu is an important text of this period. Studying it with reference to the Zhou Yi is therefore significant for observing the development of the yin-yang thought of the Han dynasty. Both Chunqiu fanlu and the Zhou Yi adopt a dual perspective regarding the binary opposition between the yin and yang, advocating the yin-yang moderation on the one hand, and giving great prominence to the yang on the other. Specifically, however, while the Zhou Yi gives priority to the yang, it stresses even more the moderation between the yin and yang. On such a foundation, it then develops the cosmological teleology of the transformation of myriad objects and beings and explores the method of self-cultivation of integrating the yin and yang. On the contrary, Dong's Chunqiu fanlu turns its theoretical focus onto the yang, to the point of developing a theory that esteems the yang and denigrates the yin, with which it sets out to attempt the goal of restricting the power of the monarchy and accentuating morality over penalty in governance.

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