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Using Thermoelectric Cooler on the Design of Thermal-Insulation Mats



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熱電致冷晶片 ; 保溫杯墊 ; Thermoelectric Cooler ; Thermal-Insulation mats



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保溫杯墊因其造價便宜且方便操作的特性,在日常生活已被廣泛的使用。本研究將使用晶片型保溫杯墊做為基底進行設計,其具有冷熱皆可使用,且切換方便的優點。但由於結構設計並未考慮到熱傳效率,使得並未能發揮晶片的最大效益。分析其熱傳模型後得出影響保溫杯墊的幾項重要因素分別為: 導熱面積、晶片產生的溫差、熱傳導係數。導熱面積部分,本研究透過加入升降機構及導熱矽膠墊增加傳熱面積,有效的提升熱傳效率。晶片溫差部分,除了使用溫差較大的晶片外,也利用調整風扇的配置去幫助晶片散熱。對應上述提到的兩項因素,設計出兩種測試機構進行保溫及致冷的實驗,加入升降機構後,保溫及致冷測試的結果,溫差分別是9.7度及4.7度,都優於市售晶片式保溫杯墊的14.2度及6.1度。再調整風扇配置後,有效的將溫差再使得致冷的溫差縮小了0.6度。總結來說,由實驗結果可證明本研究中導入的這兩項優化,皆能使得保溫杯墊之保溫效果提升。

English Abstract

Due to cheap price and convenience, insulation mat is widely used in daily life. Because the chip type insulation mat not only can be both heater and cooler but also can change two functions conveniently, the design in this research bases on the chip type. Owing to old design which does not consider about the thermal efficiency, the chip cannot achieve its max performance. After analyzing the thermal model of the insulation mat, the research shows some important factors which affect the performance and, as the area of heat conduction, temperature difference generating by chips, and thermal conductive. The new design is added the rising-lowering mechanism and thermal conductive pad to increase the area of heat conduction. To improve temperature difference of chips, the chips be changed into another type which is generating larger temperature difference and the configuration of fan rearranged to help the heat dissipation of chips. Corresponding to the factors mentioned above, there are two test mechanisms designed to conduct the heating and cooling experiments. The results of adding rising-lowering mechanism reveal the temperature difference are 9.7 degree and 4.7 degree in heating and cooling experiment, which shows that the results are better than 14.2 degree and 6.1 degree, the performance of the insulation mats which are available on the market. After rearranging the fan configuration, the temperature difference of cooling mode is reduced by 0.6 degree. In conclusion, the experimental results verify that the performance of thermal preservation is actually improved by adding two solutions in this research.

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