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Buttock Contusion: A Case Report




徐堅銘(Chien-Ming Hsu);林師彬(Shih-Bin Lin)

Key Words

薦髂關節功能異常 ; 臀區痛 ; 病例報告 ; sacroiliac joint dysfunction ; buttock pain ; case report



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7期(2008 / 12 / 01)

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38 - 47

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Chinese Abstract

這是一位女性由椅上跌落而致腰臀區疼痛數日的病例報告。在影像學無異常發現的前提下,此案例經檢查除了軟組織挫傷外,另有薦髂關節旋轉功能異常的現象。 對於臨床醫師而言,要診斷分類髂骨移位應根據病史及一系列結合合理程序的檢查而非只依賴單一測試。此外,治療也應根據對病人特定的診斷及功能異常分類後加以執行。希望透過此案例介紹這類骨盆區功能不良之評估方法,也對治療中所選之針刺肌肉的深度加以探討。

English Abstract

This is a case report about a female fell down from a chair and suffered right lumbago and buttock pain for days. Besides soft tissue contusions, the patient described in this case report would diagnosed as having sacroiliac joint rotation dysfunction based on the absence of any abnormal radiological findings. It is important for clinicians that rather than relying on one test, classification of a iliac dysfunction should be based on information of the history taking examination and a 'cluster of tests' in combination with a reasoning process. Furthermore, the choice of treatments should based on the diagnosis and dysfunction classification assigned to the patient. We'd like to introduce the evaluation methods about iliac dysfunction similar to this case and discuss the inserting depth of each selected muscle.

Topic Category 醫藥衛生 > 中醫藥學