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Noise Diagnosis of Motorcycle Engine by Using the Sound Quality Evaluation System and Spatial Transformation of Sound Field Technology




蔡國隆(Go-Long Tsai);林靜臣(Ching-Chen Lin);鄭新右(Shin-Yow Jeng)

Key Words

引擎半無迴音室 ; 引擎噪音 ; 聲場音源轉換



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1997(1997 / 05 / 17)

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153 - 162

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Chinese Abstract

本文藉由本中心新建之引擎半無迴音室及特殊靜音處理的Schenck NT 100引擎動力計進行四行程機車引擎噪音量測,文中先以B&K音質評估系統錄音、分析、編輯及再生引擎5000rpm時之噪音特性,確認引擎異音之頻域貢獻發生於引擎轉速之八倍頻,再以聲場音源轉換技術(STSF)診斷引擎異音發生之位置及其機制,結果顯示該引擎異音係由引擎激振力誘發CVT結構體共振所產生。

English Abstract

This work describes the noise diagnosis of a four-stroke engine by using the silenced Schenck NT 100 dynamometer in the engine semi-anechoic chamber, which is a new test facility of ARTC. The study was performed for identifying an unpleasant noise buried at engine speed 5000 rpm by using B&K sound quality evaluation system to record, analyze, edit and playback the noise. The results is shown that the unpleasant engine noise was contributed from the 8-th harmonic of engine speed. With the assistance of spatial transformation of sound field technique, the location of noise radiation and its generation mechanism were found. The noise was deemed to be caused by the coincidence of excitation force and the CVT case structure resonance at 668 Hz.

Topic Category 基礎與應用科學 > 物理
工程學 > 市政與環境工程