The Design of a Device of Two Linearly-polarized Refracted Beams by Using the Birefringence Prism

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陳德請(Der-Chin Chen);李世文(Shih-Wen Lee);謝尚瑋(Shang-Wei Hsieh)

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polarization ; birefringence ; optical design software



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48期(2011 / 07 / 01)

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17 - 31

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The purpose of this paper is to design a polarized device of two linear polarized refracted beams and analyze its output splitting angle and polarization state. This device splits the incident beam into two linear polarized outgoing light beams and consists of a Rochon prism and a half wave rotator. These two linear polarized outgoing light beams have the same wavelength, the same phase and the same linear polarization state. The two linear polarized outgoing light beams are established by multi-configuration mode from ZEMAX optical design software to analyze the output splitting angle and the polarization state. This polarized device is useful for a light source of E-O testing system and a liquid crystal projector. The design results of polarized device are the out splitting angle of two linear polarized outgoing light beams with 2.37° and the p-polarization outgoing light beam. In general, the manufacturing process of the polarization prism is to measure the performance of the polarization prism after making it. In this paper we initiate a new method in the reverse way. That is, using the simulation, after the performance of the polarized prism reaches to the specification, and then we make it. So, it can lower the cost of the product and also decrease the time of research and development.

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