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Debris Flow Non-rectilinear Motion Case Study to Reflect Hazard Zone Delimitation


吳亭燁(Ting-Yeh Wu);陳樹群(Su-Chin Chen)

Key Words

土石流影響範圍 ; 土石流潛勢 ; 坡度差 ; 情境模擬 ; 地形因子 ; Debris flow hazard zone ; debris flow potential ; gradient difference ; scenario simulation ; topographic factors



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47卷1期(2016 / 03 / 01)

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24 - 35

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Chinese Abstract


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This study analyzed debris flow disasters in Siou-lin Township in Hualien County during typhoon Soula and summarized factors which triggered debris flow non-rectilinear motion. To clarify the existence of similar susceptibility at other torrents, continuous debris flow scenario simulations were given to five debris flow torrents in Kao-Ping river basin. The simulation results showed part of the debris flow torrents had the susceptibility of being non-rectilinear accumulation, and some of torrents had the same accumulation areas. Qualitative analysis showed this phenomenon occurs with differences in debris slide potential, gradient difference, and gully terrain inside the upstream sub-catchments. Finally, some recommendations were provided for the current hazard susceptibility analysis methods.

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