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Improving the ICU Team's Competency to Ensure Timely Care to Newborn Infants with Critical Congenital Heart Diseases




錢佳慧(Chia-Hui Chien);鍾宜芳(Yi-Fang Chung);張秀如(Shiow-Ru Chang);吳恩婷(En-Ting Wu);范圭玲(Guei-Ling Fann)

Key Words

危急型心臟病新生兒 ; 立即處理能力完成率 ; newborn infants with critical heart disease ; completed percentage of all tasks pertaining to 'immediate care'



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23卷4期(2019 / 07 / 25)

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501 - 512

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Since 2014, the infant intensive care unit(IICU) has been responsible for both treatment and care of newborn infants with critical heart disease. Given the importance of both quality and timeliness in the care of these high-risk patients, it is critical that the IICU team has a high level of competency while dealing with these fragile infants not only to avoid long-term health complications for these children, but also for the morale of the team responsible for providing this important care. Based on observations of the care of 10 critical infants by the IICU team, the completed percentage of all tasks pertaining to 'immediate care' was found to be 77.6%. According to a survey of the sample, three main reasons were found to explain the incomplete tasks: (1) a lack of standard operating protocols governing immediate care activities; (2) insufficient clinical experience by staff responsible for administering care; and (3) lack of team skills, causing insufficient communication and co-ordination amongst team members. To address these concerns, a combination of process training and team simulation exercises was applied. As a result, critical care completion rates have subsequently improved from 77.6% to 99.4%.

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