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The Structural Orientation of Leadership Situation


張國輝(Guo - Huei Chang)

Key Words

情境 ; 結構化 ; situation ; structural



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43卷2期(2019 / 07 / 01)

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27 - 43

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To further supplement in both theory and practice, nowadays scholars engaged in leadership research have gradually paid their attention to the importance of "situation". However, "situation" itself is a big issue, and there are some views should be think deeply, such as the interrelatedness between individuals and organizations, the continuity of past and present, and agency of individual behavior. In addition, as the impact of globalization and post-modernism, the constraints that maintaining the social structure are gradually loose, and the rational consensus is gradually divergent. Leadership researcher should shift their perspective of cognize the situation, from how to measuring it to how to understanding it, so that enhance the development of theory. Based on the Structuration Theory (Giddens,1984), this paper had an argument about the cognition of situation with a perspective of dynamic, orderly and continuous, and calls it the "structural orientation of situation."

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